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15 Fishing Safety Tips

fishing safety

Before the beginning of hunting season, our deer fencing experts wrote a blog called “15 Safety Tips for Hunters.” Since it’s now fishing season, we thought we’d do the same for those who love fishing too:

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Deer Populations Are Declining

mule deer

There is an estimated 25 – 30 million deer in the United States and while you may be most familiar with the white-tailed deer, there is a species called mule deer that are prominent in Western states like Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana.

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Deer Fencing Options

deer fence

At Deer Busters, we’re proud to offer a variety of deer fencing options so that you can choose which best suits your budget and your needs. Three of the most common fencing materials include…

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Grow Your Herbs In Containers!


If you love growing herbs in a garden (like many of our deer fencing members do), but live in an apartment complex or in a home with little backyard space, there’s an easy solution – grow them in containers! Just like some fruits are able to grow in containers, there are many varieties of herbs that can do the same.

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Animal Trapping Tips

live animal trap

If certain animals tend to invade to your garden, foliage, or property in general, we know how much of a nuisance they can be. That’s why we offer live animal traps that safely and humanely trap your invaders. If you’re new to the animal trapping world, we’ve listed a few tips to help get you started.

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Homemade Bird Repellents

bird spray

While many birds are beautifully colored and fun to watch, they can also be menaces when it comes to your property. They can destroy flowers, fruits, and berries in your garden, roost on your windows or rafters, or nest in inconvenient spots. There are many natural ways to deter birds from your home and garden – our deer fencing experts have listed some that can be easily made or bought.

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Common Plant Disease Symptoms

plant disease

Like humans, plants can be affected by viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases. Many diseases can be treated by removing the affected part of the plant and then pruning it back to prevent reinfection, however, some will weaken the plant bad enough to kill it.

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10 Ways to Save Water in Your Garden


If you’re like some of our deer fencing members, you’re excited that it’s finally summer and you can spend more time in your garden. However, with summer comes hotter temperatures and water evaporation. To make sure you don’t run up you water bill trying to keep your plants healthy, keep these things in mind.

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What To Do If You Find a Fawn


If you’re like our deer fencing company, you’ve heard that species of wildlife that abandon their young if they detect a human has touched it. This myth is false – partially. Some species of animals (mainly rodents, birds, and other wildlife) will abandon their young, but only if they feel there has been too much human contact – to the point of interference.

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What to Know About Chronic Wasting Disease

chronic wasting disease

First identified in the 1960s at a Colorado research facility, Chronic wasting disease is an illness affects animals like white-tailed deer, elk, moose, and mule deer. It is considered a fatal disease that, if contracted, will attack the brain and spinal cord of the animal. Though the exact cause isn’t known, CWD is considered to be a prion disease – which means once a protein is altered (called a prion), other normal proteins will change and lead to the destruction of the brain via holes.

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