Deer Fencing Options

deer fence

At Deer Busters, we’re proud to offer a variety of deer fencing options so that you can choose which best suits your budget and your needs. Three of the most common fencing materials include:


Our award-winning  poly deer fencing is made from a polypropylene mesh material that is very lightweight but very durable (with breaking strengths of 500 lbs./sq.ft. to 950 lbs./sq.ft.). These fences are virtually invisible to deer and are rated to last 20 years or more. At Deer Busters, we offer two different kinds of fences: TENAX and Trident.

TENAX deer fencing features thick, rounded strands of plastic that are more invisible than flat strands and allow wind to flow through them, which makes the fencing durable during harsh weather.

Trident deer fencing features thick, semi-round strands of plastic that are reinforced at the bottom with a tightly woven mesh. This mesh helps protect against smaller critters and rodents by making it harder to chew through.


If you live on a property inhabited with many deer, metal fencing may be the way to go. This fencing is stronger than polypropylene material and is durable against deer, rodents, critters, weather, and UV rays. We offer three kinds of metal fences: steel hex, welded wire, and fixed knot.

Steel hex deer fencing features a hexagonal pattern of 20-gauge galvanized wire that is twisted together to provide a highly resistant design. The wire is coated with a black PVC coating to strengthen it against natural elements and to help make it invisible to animals.

Welded wire deer fencing is presented in a rectangular design and is made from 14-gauge welded wire. It is also coated with a black PVC coating and is resistant to chewing or tearing.

Fixed knot deer fencing is created with 12.5-gauge steel that is class 3 galvanized (the highest galvanized rating available). This makes it very resistant to corrosion and natural elements. It also means it’s the strongest metal fencing available.

Electric Baited

Electric fences are electrically charged wire fences. They can be charged using solar energizers, plug-in energizers, or battery energizers and are often fitted with deer baits to lure deer to the area. Once a deer touches the bait, it receives a small shock, which discourages them from coming back and gives your property protection.

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