When to Plant and Harvest Vegetables

When it comes to having a garden, many of our deer fence members say their favorite is their vegetable garden. If you’re planning on a vegetable garden, you have to first decide whether you want to plant a plot garden or a patio garden (or both!). Some vegetables grow nicely in small pots on a patio, while others don’t, so it’s important to know which to choose for planting. For a patio garden, you can plant cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, and beetroot, while others (like kale, brussel sprouts, corn, and potatoes) are better off in a plot garden.

Here is a list of when the best time is to plant common vegetables and when the best time is to harvest them:


Beetroot – Mid-March through Julyvegetable planting

Broccoli – Mid-March through May

Brussel Sprouts – Mid-February through Mid-April

Cabbage – Mid-February through Mid-April

Carrots – April through July

Cauliflower – Mid-April through May

Corn – April through May

Cucumbers – Mid-March through May

Kale – May through June

Leeks – April

Lettuce – April through July

Lima Beans – Mid-May through June

Onions – Mid-February through Mid-April

Parsnips – April through June

Peppers – Mid-March through June

Potatoes – May

Pumpkins – May

Radishes – April through August

Squash – April through May

Tomatoes – Mid-February through Mid-April

Turnips – April through August


Beetroot – June through September

Broccoli – July through September

Brussel Sprouts – Mid-July through January

Cabbage – July through September

Carrots – July through October

Cauliflower – June through September

Corn – July through October

Cucumbers – July through September

Kale – August through December

Leeks – September through December

Lettuce – June through Mid-November

Lima Beans – Mid-July through September

Onions – August through October

Parsnips – October through December

Peppers – May to September

Potatoes – August through September

Pumpkins – August through September

Radishes – May through October

Squash – June through August

Tomatoes – July through October

Turnips – June through November


Don’t forget to protect your vegetables from deer and other small animals! Use our high quality deer repellent or try¬†making your own.

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