15 Fishing Safety Tips

fishing safety

Before the beginning of hunting season, our deer fencing experts wrote a blog called “15 Safety Tips for Hunters.” Since it’s now fishing season, we thought we’d do the same for those who love fishing too:

1. Wear a personal flotation device not only when you are in a boat, but when you’re anywhere near deep water or fast-moving water as well.

2. Before wading, check to see what the bottom of the water is like by using a stick or a staff. You should also take note of how deep the water is and how strong the current is.

3. Bring an extra change of clothing, a flashlight, a map, and a cell phone or radio every time you fish.

4. Keep your fishing knives sharp (to avoid injury) and cover the blades when you’re not using them.

5. Prevent sunburn with proper SPF sunscreen. Wearing a hat will also help keep you protected.

6. Stay hydrated. It can get hot in the summertime, so bring plenty of water with you when you fish.

7. Don’t leave your tackle on the ground. You or someone else may trip over it and suffer an injury.

8. Do not use alcohol or drugs while on the water – over half of documented drowning cases are caused by alcohol or drugs.

9. Remove hooks and lures from your line and store them in your tackle box when moving to another location.

10. Keep a first aid kit nearby, whether you’re fishing from a boat or on land.

11. Wear shoes at all times. Hooks, glass, sharp rocks, and other objects can easily cut your feet.

12. Avoid hook or pole injuries while casting by keeping a safe distance between other fishermen.

13. Remember “reach, throw, row, go” when rescuing someone who falls overboard. If the person is close, reach out with a long object (like an oar or tree limb). If they’re not, throw them a life-saving device and tie it to the end of the line so you can pull them in. If there’s nothing to throw, row the boat toward the person and pull them into the boat.

14. Know how to swim. You never know when you’ll be in a situation where you have to swim, so it’s important to know how to.

15. Before casting, look around to make sure no one is in your way.

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