Homemade Bird Repellents

bird spray

While many birds are beautifully colored and fun to watch, they can also be menaces when it comes to your property. They can destroy flowers, fruits, and berries in your garden, roost on your windows or rafters, or nest in inconvenient spots. There are many natural ways to deter birds from your home and garden – our deer fencing experts have listed some that can be easily made or bought:


There are many simple homemade sprays you can make to spray on both your plants and around areas where birds are found:

Mix crushed red pepper, apple cider vinegar, and water.

Mix crushed cloves with water.

Mix chili peppers with water, then ferment in the sun for a week and add white or red vinegar.

Mix cayenne pepper with water.

Holographic Tape

Hang strips of holographic tape (or shiny things like cassette tape or tinsel) from tree branches and on bushes. The bright reflection of it will make birds think it’s fire and they’ll stay away.

Steel Spikes

If you have a problem with birds on your roof or gutters, install strips of steel spikes – the spikes make it too sharp for birds to land on the area.

Ultrasonic Frequencies

Ultrasonic devices are good for birds and other pests like rabbits, raccoons, rats, squirrels, and more. They emit a high-pitched frequency that scares away pests but can’t be heard by human ears.


Bird gels are used on window sills, rafters, ledges, and other places where birds tend to hang out. Simply spread some gel on the area and when a bird lands, it won’t like the consistency and probably won’t return.


One of the oldest tricks, scarecrows will often scare birds away from the area. Make your own by dressing pillows or bales of hay with old clothing to make them look like a person.

Fake Animals

Inflatable or plastic animals like owls, snakes, cats, and other animals can be strategically placed in your yard in order to scare birds away. Make your own or find one that’s high-quality.


Birds don’t like noise, so create something that will scare them – hang a string of aluminum cans, wind chimes, or a string aluminum pie plates together. Get creative!

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