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Preparing for Tick Season

lyme disease

Spring is in full swing, which means all of the bugs are starting to come out – including ticks. While many ticks are simply interested in a blood meal and don’t cause much harm, there are deer ticks that carry Lyme disease – which can be dangerous. It’s important to take precautions when you’re outside and protect yourself from any type of tick.

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Upcycled Garden Ideas

Picture courtesy of Google

If you already have a garden, you already know how wonderful (and green!) it can be to grow your own fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc. If you’re looking for unique and thrifty ways to add to your creation, try making a planter out of an old shoe – or plant markers from corks.

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The Best Accessories for Your Deer Fence

deer fence accessories

At Deer Busters, we know that our award-winning poly deer fencing is enough to keep pesky deer and other animals out of your yard, but we believe there’s always a way to make it better – with accessories! We carry an array of deer fencing accessories to help you customize your fence and add a little extra strength or protection.

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The Longest Deer Migration

mule deer

Back in the winter of 2011, biologist Hall Sawyer chose 40 mule deer in the Laramie, Wyoming area and put tracking collars on them. Within the next few years, he expected them to not wander far and to find them relatively close to the Red Desert where he tagged them.

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Take Your Garden to New Heights with Trellises & Arbors

Trellises and arbors make aesthetically pleasing and functional additions to any garden. The benefits of growing with a garden structure include…

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What’s New in Gardening? Outdoor Nature Cameras!

Make bird watching fun for the whole family with an outdoor nature camera! Take stunning photos of your backyard birds or shoot a high quality video complete with sound! The cameras are weatherproof and easy to set up – no wiring required. Motion activated cameras will take photos of birds as they feed or stop by the birdbath. Enjoy picture after picture of the birds visiting your backyard with an outdoor nature camera!

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We’re a Garden Watchdog Top 5 Company for 2010!

Great news! As many of you may know, each company in the Garden Watchdog is categorized by their specialty. The highest rated companies in each category is then awarded with an annual “Top 5″ award, and our company has been awarded a Top 5 designation this year!

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Happy New Year!

The staff at DeerBusters wishes you a prosperous and fruitful New Year!!

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Merry Christmas!

The staff at Deerbusters wishes you a warm and festive Christmas!

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3 Shopping Days Remaining!

3 shopping days remaining for ground shipping to arrive anywhere in the continental US before Christmas. Order by December 15th to avoid having to expedite your gifts!

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